Industry News Coverage - 2010 Archive

Below is a comprehensive monthly review of the news and other media’s coverage of OVAL. A brief summary of each news item is listed with its title, author (if identified), date, and media source.

January 2010

IAnewsletter, Winter 2010

"Security Automation: A New Approach to Managing and Protecting Critical Information" is the main topic of the Winter 2010 issue of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center’s (IATAC) IAnewsletter.

According to the newsletter, a security automation strategy will enable automation of "many security and configuration management, compliance, and network defense functions and give our [DoD] system administrators and network defenders a chance to succeed." Specific articles topics include: An Introduction to Security Automation; Security Automation: A New Approach Managing and Protecting Critical Information; Security Content Automation Protocol; Secure Configuration Management (SCM); DoD Activities Underway to Mature SCAP Standards; Why Industry Needs Federal Government Leadership to Gain the Benefits of Security Automation; and Practicing Standards-Based Security Assessment and Management.

In addition, MITRE’s CVE, CCE, CPE, and OVAL information assurance data standards are mentioned throughout the issue, especially with regard to how they are utilized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) to help enable automated, standards-based security assessment and management.

The newsletter is free to download from the IATAC Web site.

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