OVAL Repository

MITRE's archived OVAL Repository is scheduled to be removed soon. Please seek to obtain OVAL content from other sources, such as the official CIS OVAL Repository.
The official OVAL Repository has transitioned to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and is available through the CIS OVAL Repository website. Any OVAL content obtained from the MITRE site after August 31, 2015 should be considered out of date.

The OVAL Repository is the central meeting place for the OVAL Community to discuss, analyze, store, and disseminate OVAL Definitions. Members of the community contribute definitions by posting them to the OVAL Repository Forum, where the OVAL Team and other members of the community review and discuss them.

Total Definitions 25941
OVAL Repository Content Overview

The OVAL Repository contains all community-developed OVAL Vulnerability, Compliance, Inventory, and Patch Definitions for supported operating systems. Definitions are free to use and implement in information security products and services.

Other Repositories of OVAL Content

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