Calendar of Events - 2004 Archive

Date Event Location Description
Nov 17-18 2004 LISA 2004 Atlanta, Georgia, USA OVAL/CVE booth
Nov 12 2004 New England Information Security Group's Meeting Boston, Massachusetts, USA CVE/OVAL briefing
Nov 8-10 2004 The CSI 31st Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition Washington, D.C., USA OVAL/CVE booth
Oct 26-27 2004 Federal Information Assurance Conference (FIAC) 2004 Adelphi, Maryland, USA OVAL/CVE booth; OVAL Briefing
Sep 30 - Oct 1 2004 SANS Network Security 2004 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA OVAL/CVE booth
Jun 15-16 2004 NetSec 2004 Conference & Exhibition San Francisco, California, USA OVAL/CVE booth
Jun 9-11 2004 SecurE-Biz CxO Security Summit Washington, D.C., USA OVAL/CVE briefing
Jun 6-9 2004 Sixth Annual International Techno-Security Conference Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA OVAL/CVE boothOVAL Briefing
Apr 19-22 2004 16th Annual Software Technology Conference Salt Lake City, Utah, USA OVAL/CVE briefing
Apr 5-7 2004 12th International British Computer Society Conference on Software Quality Management Canterbury, Kent, UK OVAL/CVE briefing
Mar 22-24 2004 MISTI's InfoSec World Conference and Expo/2004 Orlando, Florida, USA OVAL booth
Feb 23-27 2004 RSA Conference 2004 San Francisco, California, USA OVAL booth
Feb 2-4 2004 Information Assuarance (IA) Workshop Atlanta, Georgia, USA OVAL/CVE booth
Feb 1-4 2004 3rd International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems Redondo Beach, California, USA OVAL/CVE briefing
Jan 21 2004 LinuxWorld Conference & Expo New York City, New York, USA Briefing by OVAL Board member Jay Beale of Bastille Linux entitled "Host-based Vulnerability Assessment with OVAL"
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