Senior Advisory Council

The Senior Advisory Council was established to ensure that the CVE effort, later expanded to include the OVAL effort, receive the sponsorship—including funding and guidance—required to maximize their effectiveness in supporting government efforts to improve the nation's ability to identify and respond to vulnerabilities and information assurance attacks or issues. See the council charter for more detailed information.

Advisory Council Members

United States Air Force
John M. Gilligan
Department of Homeland Security
Sallie McDonald
Defense Information Systems Agency
Richard Hale
Defense Intelligence Agency
Mark Morrison
Department of Energy
Bruce Brody
Department of Homeland Security (CISO)
Robert West
Department of Homeland Security (NCSD)
Andy Purdy
Department of Justice
Vance Hitch
Federal Aviation Administration
Greg Dvorak
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Bill Windle
Intelligence Community
Sherrill Nicely
MITRE Corporation
Margie Zuk
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Michael Castagna
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Tim Grance
National Security Agency
Curtis Dukes
Tony Sager
OSD/Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
Bob Lentz
OSD/Defense-wide Information Assurance Program
Dana Foat
OSD/Networks and Information Integration
Gus Guissanie
Office of Management and Budget
Glenn Schlarman

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