Senior Advisory Council Charter

12 February 2001

Council Objective

There are important information assurance efforts that have impact across the Federal government and that warrant active attention from the senior executives within the government who are responsible for information assurance. These key enablers require adequate priority, resources, and leverage in order to maximize their linkage and benefits. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) program is one such effort. The Advisory Council is established to ensure that this program receives the sponsorship, including funding and guidance, required to maximize the effectiveness of this program in supporting government efforts to improve our ability to identify and respond to vulnerabilities and information assurance attacks or issues.

Council Roles

  • Provide business planning oversight and prioritization of new CVE and related services.
  • Discuss CVE and related security policy implications for the Federal government.
  • Identify materials and resources that might be useful for government CIOs and senior managers.
  • Work on a strategy to assure funding for the core activity over the long term including outreach to government organizations and agencies.
  • Act as a catalyst for CVE and related activities.
  • Discuss community needs and possible new services.
  • Promote the adoption of CVE at the strategic level.

Council Payoffs

  • Ensures that the CVE effort continues to mature to meet evolving government needs.
  • Leverages the industry participation and collaboration achieved through initial CVE efforts.
  • Establishes proper prioritization for future emphasis areas based on government needs.
  • Helps to disseminate information regarding CVE and related efforts and to share information on Internet security trends in online business and e-commerce.
  • Leverages Council members' knowledge and insight to develop successful security strategies for use in this area.

Council Membership

Council membership is extended to the senior executives of those government organizations that are providing funding for the core CVE activity as well as other executives that have the background and ability to help the Council achieve the stated objectives.

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