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Downloads By Platform

Downloads for this class are split by platform below. Note that if a definition does not specify a platform it will be included in all platform downloads.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size 6468cd31f999a277a4347fb11cead054 2015-09-03 185 KB 2846da80c47ad819a4a22579379b1b3d 2015-09-03 227 KB 7ae087222bcb356180d958d713b3bd6b 2015-09-03 173 KB a3e1e1dccd690447a01e9f6466e2e87a 2015-09-03 227 KB 2f98599b769dce861c99f3cdbe18c657 2015-09-03 227 KB 641e8eb95505e9c4a1b39a9a98fff1ee 2015-09-03 227 KB 6ec0cd10f8ca51bc46f8c23c63c77153 2015-09-03 173 KB abfd1bb7b987c8dc6c9718a104fa728d 2015-09-03 245 KB 2375d7df8346dcdffa64d9ab9afcb3e0 2015-09-03 245 KB
red.hat.enterprise.linux.4.xml fc874017b9bf4d600b10250d3b9b46dd 2015-09-03 4 KB
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Downloads By Family

Downloads for this class are split by family below.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
unix.xml 7ed79b9f1658c55c8bdc5a986f2d5cb7 2015-09-03 4 KB
windows.xml fb45721f57170cfa2033571daadab96f 2015-09-03 257 KB
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Bulk Downloads

All definitions in this class are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval.xml 1a909bdd6fb671e2c57b39de73eeebeb 2015-09-03 261 KB 9c20dbfdbf15b1cc4a6310e5359a712c 2015-09-03 19 KB
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Page Last Updated: September 03, 2015