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Learn more about organizations that provide OVAL content and tools or otherwise support the OVAL Language — and products that incorporate OVAL — in the OVAL Adoption Program section.

The OVAL Interpreter is a freely available reference implementation that demonstrates the evaluation of OVAL Definitions. Based on a set of Definitions the Interpreter collects system information, evaluates it, and generates a detailed OVAL Results file. It has been developed to demonstrate the usability of OVAL Definitions and to ensure correct syntax and adherence to the OVAL Schemas by definition writers.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the OVAL Interpreter is not an enterprise scanning tool; it is a simplistic, command-line interface that has the ability to execute OVAL Content on an end system.


The OVAL Interpreter, which is free to download and use, is licensed under a BSD license.

Use Cases

The following use cases are what drives the existence and continuing development of the OVAL Interpreter:

  • Reference Implementation of the OVAL Language — In order to drive the adoption of the OVAL Language, the Interpreter code is made freely available as a reference for implementers of the Language.
  • Language Quality Control — As the OVAL Language is modified and driven forward, the Interpreter is used as a way to check that the changes to the Language are correct and implementable.
  • Content Testing — OVAL Content Authors can use the Interpreter to execute content they create to confirm its correctness.
  • NIST Validation Program — The OVAL Interpreter is used as part of NIST’s Validation Program.
  • Educational Tool — For those that are starting out with the OVAL Language, the Interpreter can serve as a quick way to execute OVAL Content on the student’s end system to get a "real-world-like" experience with the Language.

Hosted on SourceForge.net

The OVAL Interpreter, which is hosted on SouceForge.net, includes the following:

  • Bug and Feature Request Tracking – enter and track bugs, bug fixes, and new feature requests
  • File Distribution – for all OVAL Interpreter downloads, including source code
  • SVN Repository – anonymous, read-only access
  • Wiki — the primary source for information about the OVAL Interpreter
  • Help Forum — for all Interpreter-related email help requests

Go to the OVAL Interpreter on SourceForge.

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Page Last Updated: November 01, 2012