OVAL Compatibility — Archive

Important: The OVAL Compatibility Program was moved to "archive" status in December 2009, and replaced with the "OVAL Adoption Program." Under the OVAL Adoption Program product validation is performed by an external organization, allowing the OVAL Team to focus on educating vendors on best practices regarding the use and implementation OVAL and on how OVAL can continue to evolve as needed by the community.

Refer to the OVAL Adoption Program section for addition information and to review all products and services listed.

OVAL Compatibility is a program established to develop consistency within the security community regarding the use and implementation of OVAL. The main goal of the compatibility program is to create a set of guidelines that will help enforce a standard implementation. An offshoot of this is that users are able to distinguish between, and have confidence in, compatible products knowing that the implementation of OVAL coincides with the standard set forth.

OVAL-Compatible Products and Services: 20
Declarations to Be OVAL-Compatible: 20

Organizations Participating: 28


Page Last Updated: April 29, 2009