Version 5.8 - org.mitre.oval Namespace Downloads

Downloads By Class

Downloads for this namespace are split by class. Below is a list of classes in this namespace. Each class has its own download page.

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Complete Namespace

All definitions in this namespace are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval.xml 8483b6102a9821ba4d77d9d681be1d09 2014-04-17 116.675 MB 0cf589398c9afa0b358410f56d6a6c5b 2014-04-17 8.783 MB
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Monthly Archive

All definitions in this namespace are archived as a single xml file on a monthly basis.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval_2011-12-01.xml b787411f3f24fde9eb6186eb02886d05 2011-12-01 77.666 MB
oval_2012-01-01.xml 9db95ae1547e91858aaa16ca0d731623 2012-01-01 81.788 MB
oval_2013-06-01.xml b578b85abf0f5f3b852def90037b8575 2013-06-01 81.611 MB
oval_2013-07-01.xml 754ed991059082fae15c8bac9ca5bb16 2013-07-01 81.22 MB
oval_2013-08-01.xml 33b8a381e65a040f04e3e11c767c45d6 2013-08-01 81.831 MB
oval_2013-09-01.xml b3b2d945a81601f9b3c55c62695bb6b5 2013-09-01 87.226 MB
oval_2013-10-01.xml 8667f9081bd5f24407bb00afc993ccef 2013-10-01 87.395 MB
oval_2013-11-01.xml 76ba79673d7e677eed32e7a31253d6aa 2013-11-01 87.562 MB
oval_2014-01-01.xml 08881be333b175e66e30b92147a3e6e6 2014-01-01 93.952 MB
oval_2014-02-01.xml af4f800d0ebac7e8624caa24bab39551 2014-02-01 101.396 MB
oval_2014-03-01.xml 1e178429fa341e0710f9ca71fefc8f0f 2014-03-01 102.639 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml 0771d673f6908615fa7051152c849fa0 2014-04-01 115.837 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml dfbb92002fcad9f6335273f1ca2bff81 2014-04-01 115.84 MB
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Page Last Updated: April 17, 2014