Version 5.5 - org.mitre.oval Namespace Downloads

Downloads By Class

Downloads for this namespace are split by class. Below is a list of classes in this namespace. Each class has its own download page.

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Complete Namespace

All definitions in this namespace are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval.xml 8e8e9d99064571971f19a8cd8ffcc871 2014-04-17 114.671 MB fcfeee22b5ef08b0b0602b90d9f7f2f2 2014-04-17 8.541 MB
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Monthly Archive

All definitions in this namespace are archived as a single xml file on a monthly basis.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval_2011-12-01.xml e9b79eada5e44ae52eb9372ad3014408 2011-12-01 75.72 MB
oval_2012-01-01.xml 577da8e16d2529d37de05c4a266d0a99 2012-01-01 79.438 MB
oval_2013-06-01.xml e05ec0636225e8bdf63d07fa33ead6b1 2013-06-01 80.098 MB
oval_2013-07-01.xml 0a5c284610de955a1bfa55c10d95cf92 2013-07-01 79.689 MB
oval_2013-08-01.xml c0069ca2d317628394f229c0a5f69413 2013-08-01 80.365 MB
oval_2013-09-01.xml aa8ebc410f784f18ad1674a03e4872b1 2013-09-01 85.764 MB
oval_2013-10-01.xml ae40bb76223ab3e6e65ce631238a2077 2013-10-01 85.933 MB
oval_2013-11-01.xml ae1aa92d0a53683127829eaa70faf919 2013-11-01 86.095 MB
oval_2013-12-01.xml 035e9466ed7af1d97d64097b1f9cb193 2013-12-01 88.576 MB
oval_2014-01-01.xml 20c77253c80cee8b42540361fa7227b9 2014-01-01 92.02 MB
oval_2014-02-01.xml 2eab414fc8cf158d45aa03316f883604 2014-02-01 99.374 MB
oval_2014-03-01.xml 6b84463ed811c120d339fd50455c0ee6 2014-03-01 100.659 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml 24d44a3135f39e09a9254c2d9fcc8b30 2014-04-01 113.836 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml 4792a5f551ae9960a4fd1246096cd94d 2014-04-01 113.84 MB
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Page Last Updated: April 17, 2014