Version 5.3 - org.mitre.oval Namespace Downloads

Downloads By Class

Downloads for this namespace are split by class. Below is a list of classes in this namespace. Each class has its own download page.

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Complete Namespace

All definitions in this namespace are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval.xml edc371898dd05d1adda569df193c215b 2014-04-24 50.263 MB e644b989a39efe0d7986f0bb00cb1a9d 2014-04-24 3.755 MB
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Monthly Archive

All definitions in this namespace are archived as a single xml file on a monthly basis.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval_2011-12-01.xml 662c12eb71c9b626bf817f025fc5f30c 2011-12-01 30.553 MB
oval_2012-01-01.xml b51ffc17c5068e6e0b92d5cd97eb1544 2012-01-01 34.095 MB
oval_2013-06-01.xml 4dc96d7679f2a9df5c81abb26f87a50f 2013-06-01 31.277 MB
oval_2013-07-01.xml 106de7d438e5938118ba6d9432d3d50e 2013-07-01 30.591 MB
oval_2013-08-01.xml 1e0db0dd096af3dead61aab51ddf5fe4 2013-08-01 30.609 MB
oval_2013-09-01.xml f7e26990fef7475492348ed6fd71d6ab 2013-09-01 30.548 MB
oval_2013-10-01.xml 09dc60fa535355de6734eb65837c2a94 2013-10-01 30.549 MB
oval_2013-11-01.xml 4b7e9ed3a527f814c58c813be18a3141 2013-11-01 30.471 MB
oval_2013-12-01.xml 4168b788d27442869cd35a7a7d30f3cd 2013-12-01 30.436 MB
oval_2014-01-01.xml d445c9ba45cd2af56cc7b43bb9c827ba 2014-01-01 30.461 MB
oval_2014-02-01.xml ff52aac158df54273f3699470e93d0d7 2014-02-01 37.078 MB
oval_2014-03-01.xml 069d8714d4040856d50e5e31f8c8d249 2014-03-01 37.339 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml bf4fccb1cc373228e8b86c2ba3fbfdff 2014-04-01 49.673 MB
oval_2014-04-01.xml f4378fcaf948e9137d9d4a9b16f0cd94 2014-04-01 49.673 MB
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Page Last Updated: April 24, 2014