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Downloads By Platform

Downloads for this class are split by platform below. Note that if a definition does not specify a platform it will be included in all platform downloads.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size e309bcadbc2dcb990607cb6d06b2b957 2015-09-03 185 KB e85c193619eb3208fbda8f49391d6411 2015-09-03 227 KB aca42e5b1395ae127022f5055a0d9fe1 2015-09-03 173 KB efa82861c30bddc0f904da94b0e46a7a 2015-09-03 227 KB 628fac1e48d9022994b00ca49fe30c4e 2015-09-03 227 KB 3e805825756a274625b5f4e05a820942 2015-09-03 227 KB 4c82d46e8add82e6cb9239a3d4fc9e50 2015-09-03 173 KB d9eaa9e08c122345bc72dd12389d4b09 2015-09-03 245 KB b5bef556a3038e9c8057848567731f11 2015-09-03 245 KB
red.hat.enterprise.linux.4.xml c405ba3d104d041210a6e591d845dd41 2015-09-03 4 KB
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Downloads By Family

Downloads for this class are split by family below.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
unix.xml 055319029a2eb9b2a1c97001799d5e13 2015-09-03 4 KB
windows.xml 48f0e5a59d90f435d1d842f7eddc7ab2 2015-09-03 257 KB
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Bulk Downloads

All definitions in this class are available below in a single download file as either a zip or raw xml.

File Name MD5 Hash (checksum) Date Size
oval.xml 5ddc7e778b2f816872d273c0703bff42 2015-09-03 261 KB 33bac5cfedbf609fcef7a5c41563c40f 2015-09-03 19 KB
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Page Last Updated: September 03, 2015