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December 10, 2002

MITRE Press Release Announces OVAL

The MITRE Corporation issued a news release on December 10, 2002 entitled "MITRE Announces New Standard for Computer Vulnerability Assessment". The release announced the creation and intended purpose of the OVAL effort, described how OVAL works, mentioned the industry endorsement and formation of the OVAL Board, and explained the importance of community involvement and participation in the OVAL Community Forum.

New OVAL Board Member

Carl Banzhof of Citadel Security Software has joined the OVAL Board.

New OVAL Board Member

Terry Sherald of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has joined the OVAL Board.

New OVAL Board Member

Brian Shuhart of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has joined the OVAL Board.

OVAL Listed as "CVE-Compatible" on CVE Web Site

The MITRE Corporation has declared that the Open Vulnerability Assessment Language (OVAL) Web site is "CVE-compatible." CVE names are used as the basis for all OVAL queries currently collected on the OVAL Web site.

The OVAL Web site is CVE-compatible because it "uses CVE names in a manner that allows it to be cross-referenced with other products/services that employ CVE names." For each CVE vulnerability there is one or more OVAL queries that measure the presence of that vulnerability on an end system. OVAL queries are searchable by CVE name or CVE candidate number, queries called up for review include CVE names, and the way in which CVE is used on the site is documented in the OVAL Introduction and in the Frequently Asked Questions.

See the CVE Web site for detailed information on how a Web site, tool, database, or other security product/service becomes compatible, and for a complete list of CVE-compatible products and services.

OVAL to Host Booth/Participate on Panels at the 7th Annual Information Assurance (IA) Workshop, January 28 - 30

MITRE is scheduled to host an OVAL/CVE exhibitor booth at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and National Security Agency (NSA) "7th Annual Information Assurance (IA) Workshop" at the Williamsburg Marriott Hotel, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, January 28-30, 2003. Members of the OVAL Team and CVE Team will also participate as panel members in workshop tutorials. The purpose of the workshop is to "provide a forum in which the IA community can provide updates and work issues on relevant IA topics" that have been aligned with the goals of Department of Defense (DOD) IA strategy. Attendance is limited to DOD and other Federal Government employees and their sponsored contractors.

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November 13, 2002

MITRE Hosts OVAL Exhibitor Booth at "SANS Network Security 2002"

MITRE hosted an exhibitor booth to preview the OVAL effort October 23-24 at SANS Network Security 2002, Washington, D.C., USA. This was the first time the OVAL effort was presented to the general public and the preview received an enthusiastic response from the technical audience in attendance. Visit this page regularly for announcements of upcoming OVAL events.

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October 20, 2002

OVAL to Host Exhibitor Booth at "SANS Network Security 2002"

MITRE is scheduled to host an exhibitor booth to launch the OVAL effort at SANS Network Security 2002 at the Renaissance Washington, D.C. Hotel and the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., USA, on October 23-24. The conference will introduce OVAL to a diverse audience of security and audit professionals and system and network administrators. This event will also be the first time the OVAL effort is presented to the general public.

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