Version 5.6 Archive

This page provides information about version 5.6 of the OVAL Language. All information about the version is included in this centralized location.

OVAL Language
Version 5.6 of the OVAL Language became official on September 11, 2009 and was archived on May 12, 2010. Detailed information and downloads for version 5.6 are available on the archived OVAL Language Version 5.6 page. 2010-05-12
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OVAL Repository
Bulk Download of All OVAL Content
Filename MD5 Hash (checksum) Date File Size
oval.xml 478cd3bfb55c17c66243cdc55b074c86 2010-05-12 29.521 MB 6653824a0c0f1d88425d21ac8015c344 2010-05-12 2.365 MB
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