Version 5.3 Archive

This page provides information about version 5.3 of the OVAL Language. All information about the version is included in this centralized location.

OVAL Language
Version 5.3 of the OVAL Language became official on June 27, 2007 and was archived on April 10, 2008. Detailed information and downloads for version 5.3 are available on the archived OVAL Language Version 5.3 page. 2008-03-10
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OVAL Repository
Bulk Download of All OVAL Content
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum) File Size
oval.xml 2008-04-10 3ba2b10edc3bb3e4de7948aaef6be73d 15.42 MB 2008-04-10 70a62c319607cb7297086aa88d919220 1.224 MB
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum) File Size
oval_2007-11-01.xml 2007-10-31 cc9856d35ee3c2bbf0d2015d3ca411d5 10.93 MB
oval_2008-01-01.xml 2007-12-31 80f93451fc331f6ec17049e6ceee5c07 15.003 MB
oval_2008-02-01.xml 2008-01-31 9575b8022f0e40f615eff081e986b524 15.136 MB
oval_2008-04-01.xml 2008-03-31 10731878d2976ccd7e3d4173160f66f5 15.406 MB
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OVAL Interpreter
Interpreters (Available per the terms of the Berkeley Software Design, Inc. License.)
The OVAL Interpreter is now available on the website. Builds for the OVAL Interpreter can be found HERE.
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