Version 5.2 Archive

This page provides information about version 5.2 of the OVAL Language. All information about the version is included in this centralized location.

OVAL Language
Version 5.2 of the OVAL Language became official on January 17, 2007 and was archived on June 27, 2007. Detailed information and downloads for version 5.2 are available on the archived OVAL Language Version 5.2 page. 2007-06-27
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OVAL Repository
Data Files
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum) File Size
windows.definitions.xml 2007-06-26 f3abd7dc12ae5c6bb82d66110981ab09 5.51 MB
unix.definitions.xml 2007-06-26 303c9adc8420d53f127a5dafbe4ca58c 2.766 MB
Bulk Download of All OVAL Content
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum) File Size
oval.xml 2007-06-27 2860751a14332aae2dc15b84dbf75932 8.276 MB 2007-06-27 543eb766946f3458b5f2e1ffd03b2e48 735 KB 2007-06-27 31924a6baad9de1bfe1629cab43ae112 4.14 MB
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum) File Size
2007-02_oval.xml 2007-02-26 18027c63e9a5da98b2a7cb9d2ead8557 7.62 MB
2007-03_oval.xml 2007-03-22 bc7a5636cca5aa05d260e5a96d5dd565 7.733 MB
2007-04_oval.xml 2007-04-30 9d081b9bf9c9b596d6eeee5e7101b588 7.976 MB
2007-05_oval.xml 2007-05-31 973352b816fc35c1978ef16389d14945 8.108 MB
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OVAL Interpreter
Interpreters (Available per the terms of the Berkeley Software Design, Inc. License.)
Platform Filename Date
Microsoft Windows ovaldisetup5.2.exe 2007-03-06
Red Hat EL3 ovaldi-5.2.0-1.el3.i386.rpm
Red Hat EL4 ovaldi-5.2.0-1.el4.i386.rpm

Interpreter Source Code
(Source for both the Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux Interpreters are included in the download bundles, and are available per the terms of the Berkeley Software Design, Inc. License.)
Filename Date 2007-03-06
interpreters.src-5.2.tbz2 2007-01-31
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