Version 4.1 Archive

This page provides information about version 4.1 of the OVAL Language. All information about the version is included in this centralized location.

Filename Date
OVAL Definition Schemas (includes Core and the Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, platform-specific schemas) 2005-08-12
OVAL System Characteristics Schema 2005-08-12
OVAL Results Schema 2005-08-12
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Data Files
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
windows.definitions.xml 2005-11-18 a3f380bcbea053416f93fcf859c7e3cb
redhat.definitions.xml 2005-11-18 32a3f7df33c903849aad69a03c1d95d2
solaris.definitions.xml 2005-11-18 a753252b225865c557c8a53e978da506
Bulk Download of All OVAL Content
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
oval.xml 2005-11-18 5de4679861f16bc1707bb088d79ebc13 2005-11-18 938fdec1f723bd57bf43c2378381271f 2005-11-18 842b2b80ebc53eaa25be8e792db2b764
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
2005-10_oval.xml 2005-10-28 3dfd3c11bf2cb2e0310e4bcc7ed8493b
2005-09_oval.xml 2005-09-29 b8a40871b90a34bfb7ca7ec5a376d942
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Definitions Interpreters/Source Code
Interpreters (Available per the terms of the Berkeley Software Design, Inc. License.)
Platform Filename Date
Microsoft Windows ovaldisetup4.3.exe 2005-10-21
Red Hat Linux ovaldi-4.3.0-1.3.i386.rpm 2005-10-21

Interpreter Source Code
(Source for both the Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux Interpreters are included in the download bundles, and are available per the terms of the Berkeley Software Design, Inc. License.)
Filename Date 2005-10-21
ovaldi-4.3.0-1.3.src.rpm 2005-10-21
interpreters.src-4.3.tbz2 2005-10-21
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Page Last Updated: January 18, 2011