SQL Archive

This archive includes all SQL-format version OVAL schemas, definitions, definition interpreters, interpreter source code, and data files. The information is for informational purposes only and is not up-to-date. OVAL deprecated the use of the SQL format in November 2004.

Filename Date
OVAL Definition Schemas (includes Core and the Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, and Hewlett Packard-Unix platform-specific schemas) 2005-03-31
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Data Files
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
windows.definitions.sql 2005-03-31 23facfe8734d8af1005afac5a326e6cb
redhat.definitions.sql 2005-03-31 b6f376a33347b43a27d1ecee831f7dbc
solaris.definitions.sql 2005-03-31 ad78b724f6afeeac9ccb6b9b59637410
Bulk Download of All OVAL Content
Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
oval.sql.files.zip 2005-03-31 a9dd3a230e0796b0a6831007cc46f3b0
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Definitions Interpreters/Soruce Code
Interpreters (Available per the terms of the GNU General Public License.)
Platform Filename Date MD5 Hash (checksum)
Microsoft Windows ovalqisetup3.4.exe 2005-03-31 e783b3949fe922d44d336679596160dd
Red Hat Linux ovalqi-3.4.0-1.0.i386.rpm 2005-03-31 0c8023adbdf38197e51cc93d18924c39

Interpreter Source Code
(Source for both the Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux Interpreters are included in the download bundles, and are available per the terms of the GNU General Public License.)
Filename Date
interpreter.src-3.4.zip 2005-03-31
ovalqi-3.4.0-1.0.src.rpm 2005-03-31
interpreters.src-3.4.tbz2 2005-03-31
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