- Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language -
Element Dictionary

The following is a description of the elements, types, and attributes that compose the Cisco CatOS specific system characteristic items found in Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL). Each item is an extension of the standard test element defined in the Core Definition Schema. Through extension, each test inherits a set of elements and attributes that are shared amongst all OVAL tests. Each test is described in detail and should provide the information necessary to understand what each element and attribute represents. This document is intended for developers and assumes some familiarity with XML. A high level description of the interaction between the different tests and their relationship to the Core Definition Schema is not outlined here.

This schema was originally developed by Yuzheng Zhou at Hewlett-Packard. The OVAL Schema is maintained by The MITRE Corporation and developed by the public OVAL Community. For more information, including how to get involved in the project and how to submit change requests, please visit the OVAL website at http://oval.mitre.org.

< line_item >

Stores the properties of specific lines in the catos config file.

Extends: oval-sc:ItemType

Child Elements Type MinOccurs MaxOccurs
show_subcommand oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
The name of the SHOW sub-command.
config_line oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
The value returned from by the specified SHOW sub-command.

< module_item >

Stores results from SHOW MODULE command.

Extends: oval-sc:ItemType

Child Elements Type MinOccurs MaxOccurs
module_number oval-sc:EntityItemIntType 0 1
type oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
model oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
software_major_release oval-sc:EntityItemVersionType 0 1
software_individual_release oval-sc:EntityItemIntType 0 1
software_version_id oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
hardware_major_release oval-sc:EntityItemVersionType 0 1
hardware_individual_release oval-sc:EntityItemIntType 0 1
firmware_major_release oval-sc:EntityItemVersionType 0 1
firmware_individual_release oval-sc:EntityItemIntType 0 1

< version_item >

Stores results from SHOW VERSION command.

Extends: oval-sc:ItemType

Child Elements Type MinOccurs MaxOccurs
switch_series oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
The switch_series entity specifies the target Catalyst switch series for the given version of CatOS.
image_name oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1
The image_name entity specifies the name of the CatOS image.
catos_release oval-sc:EntityItemVersionType 0 1
The catos_release entity specifies the release version of CatOS.
catos_major_release oval-sc:EntityItemVersionType 0 1
catos_individual_release oval-sc:EntityItemIntType 0 1
catos_version_id oval-sc:EntityItemStringType 0 1