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Deprecation Report

== FileBehaviors ==

The FileBehaviors complex type defines a number of behaviors that allow a more detailed definition of the file_object being specified. Note that using these behaviors may result in some unique results. For example, a double negative type condition might be created where an object entity says include everything except a specific item, but a behavior is used that might then add that item back in.

It is important to note that the ‘max_depth’ and ‘recurse_direction’ attributes of the ‘behaviors’ element do not apply to the ‘filepath’ element, only to the ‘path’ and ‘filename’ elements. This is because the ‘filepath’ element represents an absolute path to a particular file and it is not possible to recurse over a file.


- recurse n/a (optional -- default='symlinks and directories')
Deprecated As Of Version: 5.4
Reason: The values 'files', 'files and directories', and 'none' are being removed because it is not possible to recurse files and the value 'none' was intended to mean no recursion, however, this is already covered by the recurse direction attribute..
Comment: These values have been deprecated and will be removed in version 6.0 of the language.